Friday, November 14, 2008

Variable cab fares?

I am back to the different type of cabs again and my desire for good cabs and detest for bad one.

I have an idea.

Why dont we have variable pricing for different kinds of cabs. For example, Cedric and Crown are old cabs, so the taxi companies can maybe start a bit lower than the $2.80 normal price, perhaps I would say $2.50. (Their rental is lower anyway)

Then we have the mainstream Sonata, Magentis and Wish which would charge the normal rate of $2.80 now.

And then we have the higher end Merc cabs / Chrysler / Skoda at $3.00 or $3.20.

This would be a fairer system where the people who just want a cab and not bothering about comfort (esp for short trips) to get a cheaper cabs while those who want some comfort to go for better one while those who want luxury to pay even more.

Now, the problem is that the mainstream cabs are now crown which means that people will automatically for the impression that these cabs are the norms, which cannot work because it becomes a premium which then people would want to avoid.

Maybe we can work something around this?


Koh Y L said...

When I search through the net and saw this piece of news, I was very happy.
"The Land Transport Authority (LTA) last Monday launched a new Common Taxi Number (CTN) system - 6-3425-222 or 6-DIAL-CAB - and early signs show that it is a success.
Commuters seeking a cab dial this common number and they are channelled to the call centres of Singapore's six taxi companies, one at a time, till they get one."
My first suggestion is that all taxi companies do away with their individual numbers and combine to use this number. My second suggestion will be that this number have a device that automatically bill the caller when they do the booking. It will be like the 1900-3425-222. A basic fee of $4 to be billed to the caller. This is to prevent caller who made the booking and left without waiting for the taxi. Imagine many people waiting in a queue for taxi, and there are people behind you wanting to cut or jump the queue, they call up taxi company to make booking, but they did not get out of the queue, so when a taxi come along they hop in without waiting for the taxi they booked. It happened so often, me as other passengers in the queue are frustrated to see such irresponsible passengers not only they jump queue, they caused the taxi drivers and taxi company so much inconveniences. Please consider this suggestion and work towards implementing it.
Thank you for your kind attention

Unknown said...

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