Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Kia Magentis - Lady Edition

I notice something, dont know if you have noted this as well?

Did you realise that there are many female drivers in the Kia Magentis than in other type of cabs?

A run through the logic side of my brain tells me the reason.

First, among all the cabs, the Kia is an auto, which equates to easier to drive.

Second, among all the auto cabs, the Kia, unlike the Sonata, is not as big and bulky which also equates to easier to manoveur.

Third, among all the 'compact' auto cab, the Kia is one of the easiest to get and rental isnt really that expensive (say as compared to the Merc). This equates to more earnings or less hours to work a day.

If you havent notice, keep a lookout for these lady powered cabs.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Variable cab fares?

I am back to the different type of cabs again and my desire for good cabs and detest for bad one.

I have an idea.

Why dont we have variable pricing for different kinds of cabs. For example, Cedric and Crown are old cabs, so the taxi companies can maybe start a bit lower than the $2.80 normal price, perhaps I would say $2.50. (Their rental is lower anyway)

Then we have the mainstream Sonata, Magentis and Wish which would charge the normal rate of $2.80 now.

And then we have the higher end Merc cabs / Chrysler / Skoda at $3.00 or $3.20.

This would be a fairer system where the people who just want a cab and not bothering about comfort (esp for short trips) to get a cheaper cabs while those who want some comfort to go for better one while those who want luxury to pay even more.

Now, the problem is that the mainstream cabs are now crown which means that people will automatically for the impression that these cabs are the norms, which cannot work because it becomes a premium which then people would want to avoid.

Maybe we can work something around this?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Seriously, will you flag down a 300C?

Someone posted this on a forum (which I shall not say which one)

Last week, i booked two chrysler 300C cabs to take some friends and me from Bukit Timah to Hilton, S$24 inclusive of booking and peak hour surcharge

The ride is super smooth, all the road noise and engine noise have been insulated. It is also very spacious, definitely surpassing the Mercedes E class taxis in terms of comfort and luxury.

However, the price also surpasses that of the e class......

I personally have not taken the Chrysler 300C cab before and I am concerned with the comments that someone who has taken the cab before made.

"super smooth...all noise insulated...very spacious...surpassing the Merc E-class"

Whoa, is it that good??? I know that I criticised the 300C in my previous but if the above comments i true, then I think I would not mind spending some money to experience it, just for once.

Will you???

Saturday, October 25, 2008

News: CCTV at taxi stands

Stuck in a taxi queue that is hardly moving?

Relief may come soon from a system of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras at taxi stands feeding "live" images back to cab despatch centres, which can direct cabbies to where fares are waiting.

Home-grown information technology company Stratech Systems is devising such a system in response to a call by the Media Development Authority (MDA) for industries to design innovative business solutions.

It is distributing $12 million for 15 such innovations, among which is Stratech's "Dynamic Vehicle Allocation System". Stratech executive chairman David Chew said the system, which he claimed will be a world first, will be installed at 50 taxi stands, mostly in the Central Business District, for a start. It should be ready for trial in nine months. He said of the current problem: "Taxis may be waiting at a vacant stand while commuters queue in vain elsewhere."

More than just feeding images of taxi queues back to taxi operators, he said, Stratech's system would be smart enough to adjust to changes in numbers of waiting commuters and cabs arriving.

"Today's taxi despatch systems are dumb," said the Stratech chief, who has begun talking to the taxi operators.

Ms Tammy Tan, spokesman for ComfortDelGro Corp, Singapore's largest cab company, said: "We believe a taxi queue monitoring system will help our drivers pinpoint areas where there is higher demand and have in fact been exploring such a system ourselves."

She added ComfortDelGro was "encouraged" by the MDA's support of such an initiative and would seek to work with it on its development.

SMRT Taxis' senior manager of customer relations Eunice Lui said initiatives that will enhance taxi services for customers are welcome.

Industry observers, however, said they did not see anything compelling about the system. Property firm executive H.Y. Loh, a 51-year old regular cab commuter, is sceptical. She said the system would work in bad times, "when cabbies going to taxi stands are at least assured of business". But she is less sure it will work when good times return, because more people will be taking cabs then

Cab companies may also not back Stratech's system fully, since doing so will hit their call-booking revenue. After all, commuters in taxi queues often resort to phoning for a cab, said Ms Loh. But Mr Chew said that if Stratech's system works, "it will ensure a continuous flow of taxis".

The Straits Times home section - 23/10/2008.


My Comments:

I think this could work. Too much taxi or no taxi is always about demand and supply. So if there is a way to increase push the supply to the demand, then it is likely to be a win win situation. So dont be surprised when you see someone waving at something at taxi stands, they are just telling the control centre that they are tell, so quick, get a cab to them ASAP!

Monday, October 20, 2008

SMRT SPACE Taxi introduce Singapore first....

...wheelchair friendly taxi in Singapore.

Details can be found by following this link:


(It is at the bottom, just scoll down and you will be able to see it.)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Good Food

"They say one way to know where the good food are in Singapore is to ask the taxi drivers."

"The other way is to visit: Hungrycomehere"

Hungrycomehere for all the good food in Singapore.

Friday, October 3, 2008

300C Captured.

Spotted many 300C recently but never had a chance to get it on camera.

Here is one.