Monday, August 25, 2008

Friends of Ikea?

Recently saw on the forums on someone asking what cab should one call if one has small cargo like a small cupboard from Ikea or something that a normal cab boot or rear seat cannot fit in.

Of course reply posts will be call the Vito or rent a van yourself.

Actually, there are more models of cabs than just the Vito that could do the job. If you think about Multi purpose cabs on the road, more and more models are being added and they are doing what the van do, carrying cargo, instead of people or doing both together

So what are the cabs that are able to do the job?

Beside the vito, there are the VW Touran, The Toyota Wish, the Honda Airwave, the Honda Stepwagon, the Toyota Estima, the Kia Caren.

And there are some which you can't call but it is a cab nevertheless: Honda Stream, Toyota Liteace.

I don't think many has seen this white Volvo V70 cab on the road a few years ago but if I am not mistaken, the one and the only volvo is brought in to transport such bulky item, and at the time of mainly crown and cedric, what could be better to do
the job than a Volvo estate.

What will you call?

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