Tuesday, August 19, 2008

CNG Cabs woes

The Sunday times runs an article on a big group of CNG Kia Caren drivers went to see the management of Smart cab because they cannot cope with the issues that comes with driving their cng cabs like increasing cng cost, long queue at cng pumps and needing to pump several times per day.

They cannot stop simply stop driving their CNG cabs because they are under a 4 year contract with smart cab.

So now they want to get rid of their CNG cab which obviously Smart cab will not allow because who is the company going to pass the CNG Caren cabs to. So they offer some reliefs like monthly payouts and such.

Actually they have another alternatives. Unlike diesel powered taxis, which has no demand on the market, CNG cabs are just like normal passengers cars which can be sold to the average man on the street. Nevermind if you are think that nobody wants to buy, because I think that if the price is right, the transaction can be done.

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