Monday, June 2, 2008

The Perfect Limo

Although it was on the road for as long as we know Zoe Tay got married, I never had the chance to take the Mercedes CNG cab before. Not until few days ago when luck came standing beside me.

Initially, I thought I just flagged down a Mercedes cab and when it stopped beside me, I saw the unmistakable green leaf logo - the natural gas Merc cab.

(Image Courtesy from Smartcab website. All rights reserved)

Yes, i have taken quite a number of natural gas cab like the axio, airwave, wish but Merc...hmmm...interesting.

And the ride actually blows me away. It is everything the merc cab is suppose to be, smooth, quiet, refined, powerful, in fact, it is what all merc should be. In the cab, things starts to change to be relaxing. You become less concerned with what's happening around you, you start to notice what the beat and rhythm the cab stereo is playing, you start to feel that you are really pampered with the luxury and smoothness of what a car can offer you, you start to hynotise that you are inside a paradise that moment....

I think i have found the answer to a $200k Roll Royce...


Updated: 10 Jun 08

I just realized that you can actually buy a E200 NGT from cycle and carriage. So for all those that absolutely hate white mercedes with a 'thing' on top, you can go fork out $180+K to buy a private CNG E-class. Trust me, it is worth the money if you are looking for luxurious refinement...

The Eclass NGT - The Perfect Limo

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