Saturday, June 7, 2008

2nd Encounter with Azera

Just took the Azera cab again for the 2nd time with driver displaying a different driving style. This time round the driver revs the cab whereas the last round the driver drives like he has all the time in the world.

Conclusion: i stick to my previous. It just feels like a slightly bigger, white sonata. That's all.

So what's the purpose of this post?

I noticed that there is some similar characteristic of azera cab drivers after talking to both of them

They seems to be the very relax kind where money is not important to them. They seems to be driving cab as a pasttime rather than to earn income to support the family. They seems not to be bothered of how much they earn at all as long as they can cover rental or maybe not.

The driver of the last azera cab started work at 10am and I was the first passenger at 10.30pm.

The driver of the azera cab i took recently reveals to me that he is retired and was actually driving a $200k car last time. He didnt want to buy a expensive car because he didnt want to spend so much on what he calls a 'depreciating asset', not that he has no money to spend.

When i ask him why he was driving a cab then, he told me that it is cheaper. 'All you have to bother is the rental and goes on to tell me how expensive petrol is now and how much he has to fork out when took his 200k car for servicing.

A cab can perform all the functions car can, in fact perhaps sometime better because the cab is usually based on a more luxurious model, so there is better comfort, safety features, better ride, a more powerful engine, etc

So, if you think that car ownership in singapore is expensive, i have a solution for you already. Go be a cabby.

Oh yes, i forgot to tell you that you cant drive into malaysia if you drive a cab...

Hyundai Azera - The relax cab driver top choice

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