Monday, April 14, 2008

Taxi Version Sport

I recently took a sonata cab that "was driven to its fullest potential". When I says that, I meant that the driver really went all the way to the redline. Shiok feeling I must say and it is something that I would like to experience again. The G-force that pushes you all the way to the back of the seat shows either the fact that the car is a powerful one or that your rear suspension is broken.

The force is to illustrate how power the sport car...wait...i mean taxi can get.

This brings me to the next point why must taxi be so powerful?

Yes, it has to be big for the lugguages and such, comfortable for service, automatic for driver convenience, ABS for safety but why of all thing power?

A vicky or a picanto is also powerful enough to transport 4 or 5 pax from point A to B.
Even a Chery QQ or most of the Made-in-China car can do the job well

So why is there a need for TURBODIESEL supercharged engine in our taxi-s today? It is not like diesel price is dropping or something. It is not like the taxi drivers need to engage in traffic lights races. It is not like modern engines are so weak that they cant move the mass.

The petroleum companies are the ultimate winners.

Taxi Version Sport - So fast that I almost have problems capturing it...

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