Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Kia Magentis - Lady Edition

I notice something, dont know if you have noted this as well?

Did you realise that there are many female drivers in the Kia Magentis than in other type of cabs?

A run through the logic side of my brain tells me the reason.

First, among all the cabs, the Kia is an auto, which equates to easier to drive.

Second, among all the auto cabs, the Kia, unlike the Sonata, is not as big and bulky which also equates to easier to manoveur.

Third, among all the 'compact' auto cab, the Kia is one of the easiest to get and rental isnt really that expensive (say as compared to the Merc). This equates to more earnings or less hours to work a day.

If you havent notice, keep a lookout for these lady powered cabs.